Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Green Jobs View: What's Up at Green for All

The cleantech revolution may not be doing enough to collaborate with forces more powerful than its noticed in the past - i.e. labor. With stimulus package funding targeted at job creation, the Valley is not well positioned to take advantage of government programs with regulations aimed at helping U.S workers get union job wages and it is not well positioned to compete with other industry sectors more able to jump into workforce development. Is this is a conundrum? Or not? (Your comments welcome).

As Van Jones departed Washington to work as the green jobs czar in the Obama administration, he made a clear statement by choosing a San Jose labor leader to head his Green for All group, which raised $7 million in one year on the strength of both the idea of Green for All and Jones' charismatic leadership.

Now, with Jones in a position of political power, green job advocates have the burden of proof, moving, as he says, "From Inspiration to Implementation." To understand where this movement is at, check out the latest Green for All video here:

In the meantime, what's making headlines is more job layoffs and the UAW's legal bankruptcy battle to preserve health benefits for Chrysler's retired workers.

Here's a brief Green for All video about a job hunter hunting down stimulus package applications and seeking to insert green jobs into the mix:

What do you think of the green jobs movement? Will it find something in common with Valley capitalists? (It's looking for deals - just give Aimee Allyson a call.) And vice versa - will the greentech movement find a way to join with labor to help advance cleantech companies' own agenda? Or are these incompatible goals? Or a good topic for a future event?

Your comments are welcome.

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