Tuesday, May 12, 2009

E - Squared: Get Inspired

I for one missed the original broadcast (I don't know how) of the incredibly informative and wonderful E2 (E Squared) series which aired on PBS, but recommend to all of you to watch it via DVDs. The entire series is available thru Netflix or by ordering it.

The series has one of the best web sites as well, with many extra videos available via podcast.

The E2 series showcases best practices in environmental design, building and technology around the world. I've loved every episode, including the show about congestion pricing in London, the free bicycle movement in Paris and the amazing work in China in green building.

Check it out!

E2 Site on PBS.org

You can also watch it online on Hulu.com (with ads, but hey - it's instant!)
This is the design series, seasons 1 and 2
• E2 on Hulu.com

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