Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day.

In 1970, on the first Earth Day, I started my first newspaper, while a student in middle school. Called Beginnings, it sold for a nickel.

Thirty nine years later, I am excited to be launching my new blog on Eco Investing. By eco-investing, I mean a focus on how people can drive change in environmental policy, business, and economics to deliver on the three P's - profit, people, planet.

I was inspired by many events and trends. First is the work I have been doing with Resource Renewal Institute. Learning from Green Plans leaders, chief among them Huey Johnson, has been an eye-opening experience. After hearing Huey speak at LongNow [video] in Sept. and then conducting interviews with his wonderful and inspiring Green Plans leaders from around the world, who wouldn't want to help the U.S. move forward in this holistic policy approach [videos].

Secondly, I've been intrigued by the current investment in clean tech. It started out as research for a book about business success stories in the sustainability realm and has morphed into more. I've attended two MIT/Stanford VLAB events in the past week, which have provided some insight into where the valley is at.

Thirdly, I have been seeing the intersection and divergence of both business and nonprofit groups in looking at sustainability issues. Is Silicon Valley and the investment community capable of ramping up and tacking the changes we need to make? What role should private investment be making? What role public?

This blog is my new spot for considering these topics. Join this ride - and please comment along the way!

PS If you want to get an in-depth look at Green Plans, read Huey's book or watch the day long Green Plans conference (which took place just before the Bioneers conference in Oct. 2008) available online for free.

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