Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Greenfund - Will the SEC Allow a for Green Biz?

During the VLAB Cleantech Value Chain event, I came away feeling that ordinary citizens should be able to step into the investment cycle and donate to these companies through a -like mechanism. This may be especially important because, as panelists noted, IT was born locally, but cleantech is being born globally.

Silicon Valley's investment preferences may be overly mature - or not - to jumpstart cleantech. Most VC expect a $100 million or more exit ramp within 2-5 years. Kleiner Perkins did 3-4 startups in cleantech in the last quarter.

Phase I of SV cleantech funding enthusiasm was the Tesla, the electric sports car.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, we have Huey Johnson pointing out that 25% of energy in California is being used to move water from one end of the state to the other - a topic untouched by the otherwise laudable AB32 bill. We don't have a business solution mandated for this kind of problem.

Somewhere here there's a pretty big disconnect.

On the other hand, following up on the investment fund idea, I discovered Steve Newcomb had had the same idea - and acted upon it. has details about his new Greenfund. Greenfund's proposal is currently being reviewed by the SEC. Stay tuned.

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